The norse god thor


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Another great story by Ancient Origins! I suggest to read an article about Thor. Nice informations.

Thor is one of the most significant gods in the Norse pantheon, arguably second in importance only to Odin.

"Thor is best known for his magical hammer, Mjollnir, which was forged for him by the dwarves. This weapon has several supernatural properties, one of which is that when it is thrown, it would return to its owner, like a boomerang. Thor also has several other magical objects in his possession. One of these is a belt of great strength called Megingjard. When Thor uses this belt, his strength is said to double."

"As a major god, there are many tales about Thor. In one particularly comical myth, Thor’s hammer goes missing, and it was Loki who finds out that it was being hidden by a jotunn named Thrym. The jotunn would only return Mjollnir to Thor if the hand of the goddess Freyja was given to him in marriage."