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    Red Riot replied to the thread Your favorite type of mythology.
    I Could Personally Never Pick A Single One. There Is So Much Marvelous Mythology To Read About.
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    Red Riot posted the thread New Urban Legends in Urban Legends.
    I Am Very Curious About Any More Modern Day Urban Legends. I Would Like To Know_Some More.
  • Abishai100
    Shiva and Saraswati are two principal deities in Hinduism. Shiva is the primal king of gods and master of destruction. Saraswati is the...
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    bryn replied to the thread Forseti.
    Forseti was originally called Foseti [Poseidon],son of Cronus.Nanna=Inanna[Aphrodite/Venus],wife of Tammuz/Adonis[Balder/Phol/Pholus]...