Reviving myth as a religion today

Nice to hear that some of the myths we had are being "revived" nowadays and treated as a religion as well. examples are:
(1) Odin Brotherhood - the name itself explains it all
(2) the Kemetic/s - people who worship the Egyptian gods and goddesses.
Do you know other "mythologies" being revived nowadays?


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The Wiccans and Neo-pagans I have met seem to have an interest in a variety of gods from all types of mythologies.
I have heard the Greek gods mentioned as well as exotic African deities.
knowing that some people reviving mythology today as their religion is interesting. the Kemetic/s worship the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, they also held rituals and prayers for them. sometimes I wonder, did these myth gods and goddesses "truly" lived in this world and share their lives with the mortals before?


When I was a Neopagan I was a Hellenic Reconstructionist, dedicated to preserving the rituals and devotion to the Greek gods as historically accurately as possible. I also lived with two Celtic Reconstructionists, specifically of the Irish Celtic religion.

Modern people reviving ancient religion have an issue when incorporating what is largely perceived as myth today. If you choose to venerate the Greek gods, do you take the Iliad, Odyssey, and famous myths as literal truths, as much as a Christian might the stories of the Bible? I didn't; I considered them allegorical representations of the morals and inspirations I was meant to take from the Greek gods. Some Recons, like the Hellenion organization in Greece, I believe treats the myths as literal truths and that we are the "Iron Age" of people that followed the Age of Heroes.


A lot of mainstream religions really got their roots from the Greek and Roman mythologies. I think it is really cool for some of them to be revived.