Remembering loki


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***Disclaimer: I posted this to Greek instead of Norse and couldn't figure out how to delete and/or repost to the correct forum. I apologize, and any help would be appreciated!***


I recently finished Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, and was left haunted, enchanted, chilled, and wishing I could enter the "tales of cold lands" through a magical wardrobe. I am making my way through several books on mythology, and was captivated all the more by this one because of the narration. It didn't read like a textbook, but like a someone whispering the stories to me by a crackling fire on a wintry night. The characters lived while I read, and lived on after the book ended. Especially Loki.

Loki's shapeshifting character resonated with me the most because his decisions tilted the fate of the stories. He is the Norse trickster, the mischief-maker, who moves between mirth and horrific pain and agony. He laughs with scarred lips. His children are monsters. He has given birth. He has coursed through the water as a fish, and sailed the winds. Yet despite his glory, he ends bound with entrails in a deep chasm, cold and alone, disfigured by dripping venom. His fate of all fates was something I couldn't shake, and I was eager to learn more about him.

Does anyone have any good reference material for Loki in particular? And if any of you have read this magical book, I'd love to hear about what your favorite stories within were :) Also, do you know of any mythology book references that are also narrated similarly? I am reading Celtic Mythology right now, and it is excellent research material, but very dry. I would like to have a book list for delicious enjoyment and not just for my research purposes.