Prometheus and humans


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I was wondering when Prometheus tricked Zeus by offering him cow guts, Zues took fire away from man. How did Prometheus retrieve fire and give it to man.


As far as a chronological order of events goes...

Kore (Persephone) creates the first man from clay :
Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 220 (trans. Grant) (Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.) :
"When Cura (Core) [Persephone] was crossing a certain river, she saw some clayey mud. She took it up thoughtfully and began to fashion a man. While she was pondering on what she had done, Jove [Zeus] came up; Cura asked him to give the image life, and Jove readily grant this. When Cura wanted to give it her name, Jove forbade, and said that his name should be given it. But while they were disputing about the name, Tellus [Gaia] (Earth) arose and said that it should have her name, since she had given her own body. They took Saturnus [Kronos (Cronus)] for judge; he seems to have decided for them : Jove, since you gave him life [text missing, presumably he was given control of the fate of men] let her [Persephone] receive his body [after death]; since Cura fashioned him; let her [Gaia] posses him as long as he lives, but since there is controversy about his name, let him be called homo, since he seems to be made from humus."

After the War of the Titanes or Gigantes, the gods gathered at Mekone where Zeus distributed their privileges by lot. Between the Melian race of mortal men (likely to become the spirits of the Silver Age, born of the Meliae nymphs who were created when the blood of Ouranos fell to Gaia) and the gods was a dispute, over the offering to the gods. Prometheus tricked Zeus into taking the skin with bones and fat beneath it.

The gods create only male mortals from clay: Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus are tasked with giving them gifts, or qualities, or preservation to survive.

Prometheus saw that Epimetheus had given all the qualities to animals, leaving man defenseless. He stole "from Hephaistos (Hephaestus) and Athena wisdom in the arts together with fire (in a fennel-stalk)" (note that these two would later chiefly be concerned with creating Pandora).

Zeus, seeing this, orders Hephaestus to create Pandora. She is given life by Athena and other gifts by Aphrodite and Hermes to make her irresistible; Pandora then marries Epimetheus, and produces a daughter named Pyrrha (fiery) likening mortal women with fire which can provide life and also cause destruction. At her marriage a jar is given to her which releases sorrows to mankind, she shuts inside or releases also Hope.

Prometheus is chained to Caucasus until his release by Heracles.

Great Deluge has wiped out all of this race of mankind, due to Phaethon the son of Helios scorching the Earth, or due to Lycaon trying to trick Zeus and the gods into eating the flesh of Nyktimos or grandson Arkas.

Pyrrha and Deucalion throw stones over their shoulders and a new race of humans are born.


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Uranus=Anu of Erech/Uruk[Moon god/Hermes/Arma].
The eagle inflicting damage to Prometheus is Aeetes ['Eagle'] and is a name of Mercury/Enlil[constellation Aquila].Medea=Demeter/Aphrodite/Artemis[Nut/Inanna]=Nemesis/Leda/Chalciope.Eagle=Aethon/Aeson/Odysseus/Odin.
Hera and Amphitrite are one and the same[Nephthys/Mut].
Wepwawet of Asyut[Lycus of Lycopolis,herald]=Mercury[Odin/Raven/Corax/Hrafn/Bran/Apis/Epaphus/Munantius/
Munon/Memnon/Amunhotep III/Amphiaraus].The raven and wolf were messengers/heralds of Apollo etc.
Leucus[son of Talaus/Talos]=Ay[Pharaoh of Egypt]=David/Daud/Thoth/Tahuti.Leto=Gaia.
Io=Isis/Iusaaset/Ushas/Eos/Rhode[Rose]/Hathor[wife of Horus/Atum/Helios] -also wife of Hesperus/Shalim/Osiris/Asar/Athtar/Kamus/Chemosh,
the god of the West.Rhodaphoria/Rosalia was sacred to Isis/Persephone.
Periclymenus/Lleu Llaw Gyffes/Lug Lamfada/Perseus/Mithras/Misharu.
Ay linked to Anpu/Anubis/Hermes/Thoth/Da'ud/David/Anu/Uranus.
Cassandra/Alexandra = Sybil of Ilium.Helen[daughter of Cycnus]=Hemithea[half-goddess]=Aphrodite/Callisto/Medea.
Alalus deposed by Anu [Uranus] in Hittite myth =Helel[Lucifer/Set].
Historic figures linked into Greek religion,which is based on Egyptian religion [Shu= Mercury].
Tithonus=Thutmoses IV.Eriphyle=Tiye[wife of Amunhotep III/Memnon].
Heracles=Set[slew Busiris/Leo/Periclymenus/Hades Clymenus].Menelaus=Mangala[ Geb/Min/Menu],son of Vishnu/Krishna/
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