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The story of Perseus is the story I think is exactly what is meant by karma coming back to hit you. Perseus threw a discus and hit his grandfather killing him.

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True, but Perseus also took care of Medusa for us, and he got to ride Pegasus. That kind of earns him some stripes in my book.


He used Medusa's head as a weapon against his enemies and that makes him a wise god to me. How is he related to Heracles/Hercules?


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Did A Search Under Greek gods a while back and found out that both Persus and Aphrodite are listed as the last of the TITANS...
The Movies say that Hes Zeus son, but hes actually Chronos Son...Born to kill his brother Zeus.


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Did A Search Under Greek gods a while back and found out that both Persus and Aphrodite are listed as the last of the TITANS...
The Movies say that Hes Zeus son, but hes actually Chronos Son...Born to kill his brother Zeus.
No idea where you found that information, but there a few things wrong there. First, neither Perseus nor Aphrodite are titans. Aphrodite is a goddess and Perseus is a demi-god (born of a god and mortal woman). Also, in every story I've heard anyway, Perseus is Zeus's son. (As well, the death by discus was an accident.)

The story goes that Acrisius, the king of Argos, heard an oracle that his grandson would overthrow him, so determined to not let this happen, he locked his daughter, Danae, in a tower where no man would ever be able to see her, and thus, logically thinking, she would never bear a child. However Zeus spotted her and, doing what he does best, raped her and she bore Perseus. Upon discovering this, Acrisius sent both of them away out into the sea where, far away on the island of Seriphos, Danae made a home for her and her son, before he was sent out on the quest to kill Medusa. Many years later, well after the completion of this quest, Perseus was married to Andromeda and was back in Argos for a discus contest. He won as he threw his the farthest, though it went well out into the crowd and accidentally killed Acrisius. Perseus, being the rightful heir, became the new king, thus fulfilling the prophecy.


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True, but Perseus also took care of Medusa for us, and he got to ride Pegasus. That kind of earns him some stripes in my book.
Not sure that Perseus did get to travel by Pegasus, think was his winged sandals, still not a bad way to travel!


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Yes, it was winged sandals given to him by Hermes, that Perseus travelled by. Pegasus wasn't born yet, as he was the offspring of Medusa's blood -- dripping from the severed head carried by Perseus over the ocean -- and Poseidon's waters. As Medusa's blood mingled with the water below, Pegasus came galloping out of the waves, as was his birth.


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Pegasus, along with his brother Chrysaor, sprang straight from the bloodied neck of Medusa, being her children by Poseidon (their sexual liason was the cause of Medusa being turned into a monster). When Perseus flew over North Africa on his way home, the blood that dripped from the severed head became venomous serpents and scorpions - hence why there are so many in that part of the country.
It was Aphrodite who rose from the waves, much earlier, having been born from the blood spilt from Ouronus' genitalia that were cut off by Cronus.
Interestingly, the same instrument (an adamant sickle) used by Cronus was the same one used by Perseus. Perhaps it gave blood a special generative power?


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You are right of course. I got the birth of Aphrodite confused with that Pegasus; for some reason I thought Pegasus had come galloping out of the waves. Oopsy! :oops:


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The foam on the crest of waves are viewed as Poseidons horses that pull his chariot, and Pegasus was the son of Poseidon and a horse, so all the links are there. Its a nice image.


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He used Medusa's head as a weapon against his enemies and that makes him a wise god to me. How is he related to Heracles/Hercules?
He wasn't a god, but his father Zeus was (as was his uncle Poseidon, see depicted above ;)). He was Herakles' great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather, and also his half-brother, since Herakles was also a son of Zeus. This is how Herakles traced himself back to Perseus through Herakles' grandparents Elektryon and Anaxo:

Herakles - Alkmene - Elektryon - Perseus
Herkales - Alkmene - Anaxo - Alkaios - Perseus


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Perseus[Theseus] is Mithras/Mitra[Misharu/Leo] who sacrificed Haoma in bull form[Minotaur/Taurus/Moon-god].
Harpes/sickle of Perseus=hereb=name for head of Leo[Mavet/Mot] constellation.
Danaus=Dhanus['bow'/Sagittarius/Toxetes/Toxeus/Eurytus/Eurytion depicted as wild centaur with bow on Dendera zodiac/Teucer/Mercury/Shu/Acrisius/Krsana/Krishna].Lynceus=Lug['lynx']/Apollo.Hypermnestra[Leda/Nemesis]=
Anax/high-king was Agamemnon's title.Basilii/lesser kings served him.High-kings in antiquity addressed each other as brother[hence Tithonus/Thutmosis IV and Priam(Brian/Suppililiumas I) called brothers in Greek myth].
Goliath/Galyat[Goll] of Gath/Gimti['Winepress]'=Polyphemus[Perseus/Theseus]=Argus Panoptes.See Galatea.
David/Da'ud=Thoth/Adrastus/Leucus/Hermes/Odysseus[Pharaoh Ay of Egypt/Kheperkheperure/Cerberus/Anpu].
Cerberus may be Hermes Criophorus[Taurus/Haoma].
Aegisthus may be Dagon/Philistines[Piscis Austrinus].
Red Sea=Sea of Edom['Red'].Esau/Edom=Mars.Jacob=Min[Ptah,husband of Sekhmet].Israel=Jezreel or Shechem.
Deimos['dread/doom']=Deimas/Osiris.Phobos['fear']=Herakles Idaeus/Set[Yama/Telephus].Eris=Helle/Hera/Nephthys.Enyo=Isis.
Enyo[Deino]=3 Graeae.Eris=3 Erinyes[Alecto,Megaera/Megara and Tisiphone/Tilphousia].Phorcys[boar]=Ares.
Bateia[Myrina/Maera/Miriam/Maryam]=Isis/Hathor.Erichthonius=Horus/Bata.Teucer should be son of Erichthonius[Ganymede].
Teucer=Boreas/Mercury.Dardanus of Samothrace/Samos of Thrace=Samon/Saon[Shamash/Apollo/Ares].
David/Thoth was Jesse's 8th son=Eshmun['8']=Octavian/Augustus=Charlemagne[hailed Augustus and called David by friends].
Oedipus is linked to Horus[husband and son of Isis/Hathor].Horus/Atum linked to Amunhotep III.
Tutankhamun.Nycteus['Night']=Mercury/Shu,god of winter/north wind/longest nights=Akhenaton[brother-in-law of Horemheb].Jocasta=Jochebed/Tiye[Eriphyle].Manasseh=Ay[Meness].Ephraim=Amram/Amphiaraus=
Nubmaatra Amunhotep III.Joseph/Yuya=Talos/Talaus[Set].
Cyrus the Great linked to Horus/Helios.His son Cambyses II linked to Mercury[Eurytus/Eurytion] and Akhenaton.
Iole[Violet]=Atossa=Hadassah/Myrtle[Myrto]=Esther/Ishtar/Venus=Dia/Dea Dia/Demeter=Aphrodite Antheia.
Darius the Great linked to Heracles[Dryas/Daire/oak/Portheus/Pirithous/Parthaon/Portunus].Xerxes linked to Hermes/Odysseus.Bardiya/Smerdis/Smerdius linked to Osiris[Arthur/Orthrus] and Smenkhkare.
This late myth major reason I struggled to make sense of Greek myths.
Poeas=Po-Enki[Ea]=Phoenix=Bennu=Horus.Set=Heracles/Talos/Talon/Tylon of Lydia/Telipinu/Set[Dylan].
Dylan=Nuada/Nudd/Nodens/Nethuns/Neptune=Lud=Set.Cyrus the Great defeated Media,Lydia and Babylonia.
Media and Babylonia defeated Ashur/Assyria/Asar/Osiris[Anshar (father of Anu/Anpu)/Mavet/Mot/Aether/Athura].
Cassandane's name[wife of Cyrus the Great] is very similar to Cassandra/Alexandra[wife of Bellerophon/Bata and
concubine of Agamemnon].Agamemnon and Bellerophon linked to Horus/Bata.
Tartarus was the Greek name for Christian Hell[realm of Set-Typhon].
Kurunta/Mercury[god of winter/god of Sun at night]=Efu Ra[Corinth/Ephyra].Ephyra/Pyrrha[Tefnut] was the daughter of
Epimetheus[Bata/Horus].Pyrrha daughter of Creon=Nefertiti[Glauce/Creusa] daughter of Ay.Megara daughter of Creon=Mutnedjmet daughter of Ay[Mut=Nephthys/Amphitrite/Selene].Nephthys=wife of Heracles/Set.Prometheus=Anpu/Hermes/Thoth.
Deucalion/Nu(h)=Osiris father of Horus/Atum and claimed to be father of Anpu/Anubis.Athena[Tefnut/Leto]=Pronoea.
Iobates[Iapetus/Japheth]=Mercury[son of Horus and stepson of Osiris].
The killing of Ladon[Leviathan/Lotan/Apophis] the dragon[Draco] by Heracles/Set on behalf of Atum/Helios in solar barque direct from Egyptian religion.
Peleus=Menpehtyre Rameses I[Amphitryon/Amphion/Rhadamanthus] who in Greek myth was linked to Zeus/Hadad as Horemheb was linked to Cronus/Dagon/Tammuz/Hephaestus/Lycus/Wepwawet/Iasus/Iasion.Sitre/Thetis was linked to Amphitrite/Hera/Hippolyte/Mene/Alcmene[Antiope].Achilles=Seti I[Zethus/Heracles].Damu=child/son in Babylonia,
similar to Mose/meses in ancient Egypt.
Neoptolemus/Pyrrhus['redhead']=Rameses II[had red hair].
Astydameia[Mutnedjmet] was the wife of Alcaeus/Acastus[Horemheb/Lycomedes/Lycus/Jason/Iasion].
Tantalus=King Muwatalli of Hatti[Thanatos=Mavet/Mot].A Hittite princess [Niobe] married Rameses II.Evidently
some confusion in the myth.
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