New norse mythology youtube channel

casey dillon

New Member
I've started a YouTube channel called Viking Myths. It's going to be about Norse Mythology, obviously and I'll be covering a wide range of the myths as well as answering questions from viewers. There's only one video up at the minute, an introduction explaining what I'm going to be doing but you can find it here:

I'd love some feedback. Is there anything you guys would suggest that I do or do you have any questions you want to ask me which I can answer on the vlog?


That could be very helpful, which gods/goddesses/giants did you plan to start with introducing? I think the forming of the cosmos according to Viking myth would help a lot, first off.

If you have heard of Vikings, the TV series on History channel, perhaps start with ones that might be relevant to the show - I suggest this so you have a idea to where to start and what gods and goddesses might have lately introduced and mentioned by the media? I'm not sure of who/what myths or gods people in the mainstream might know or think they do. Lately the Thor of comics/movies has become popular. Perhaps a video telling what isn't true to the Norse myths too?