Moon wolves


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I know this sounds strange but maybe some one can explain this to me. I was in Reno nv. Many years ago. I was hunting in the desert at night maybe two hours before dawn and I was about two three hours out of town when I saw a light. Given the time of day I figured it was I good idea to go to ground, wait and to have a drawn bow. ( hey some not very nice people do things in the early mornings in the desert and I was planning on making it home.) The light got closer and I could see it was a lantern of a very old type. The thing was wearing a cloak and when I could see it better I got a bad feeling in my gut. It looked like it was a wear wolf is often depicted only some how more Noble not so feral. It looked at me almost threw nodded its head as if was acknowledging me then it just vanished. The thing left no tracks that I could find. The only thing I could find was two feathers that looked like hawk feathers. I told this story to a friend and she said it was moon wolf. A native America spirt animal/guardian Any one know anything about these creatures?