Midsummer: potential significance


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Hi guys:

I'm working on a novel that's based on Norse Mythology, and was hoping to pick the brains of the gurus here. The main plot of the novel is Loki is trying to start Ragna rök by killing Baldur. (It's sort of a twist on the myth, but keeps to the spirit of the characters, I hope.) I'm trying to add a time-based subplot into the book, something along the lines of some ceremony Loki would want to perform at Midsummer to help him with his task. It could involve an artifact, or a sacrifice, or whatever... the point is it's a ceremony Loki wants to do that the main character is trying to disrupt. (Potentially something associated with the Jotunn.)

So the question is: is there something associated with Midsummer that can serve as basis for such a ceremony? I'd really rather not invent from whole cloth -- I've been fairly diligent so far to not disrupt the mythology for the sake of plot.