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The Kraken was protrayed in The Clash of the Titans as being an unimaginable, horrible, huge sea monster. Norse history describes the Kraken more or less as a giant squid. What do you think?


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The original monster from the Greek myths is called the Cetus.
I'm not sure what he supposed to look like, but I believe he is placed among the stars after Perseus slew him.
The Kraken is more of a giant squid.


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The kraken is a giant squid, for the longest time thought to be mythological. Not too long ago, however, one actually washed up on the shore of Newfoundland, and proven to actaully exist. Creepy, eh?


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Somewhere around here, I have a book with a Kraken pictured in it, about 5 times larger than a blue whale! I would think something like that would make quite a splash washing up on shore! Do you have a link to an article about that Myrddin? You have me scared to go swimming now! How big was this one they found?