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Hi there , my name is Elodie, I'm french and I study english in University. So, I may make some mistakes, and I'm sorry for that ..
I'm passionate about mythology since my childhood, especially Greek Mythology and Celtic one, even if I don't know many things.

And I went here, first because I'm really curious and that I love history and mythology; but also because I'm looking for some informations about Elves and Urania (the Muse of astronomy).

Thanks you very much !


Welcome Elodie!
Asking questions is always welcome, and if we have the answers here we are happy to share them with you although it may take us time to find the answers. What books have you read on Celtic and Greek mythology if you do not mind my asking? (So that I do not recommend to you a book you might already have read/heard of).

I've recently added a post to your Urania thread : http://www.mythforum.com/threads/urania-muse-of-astronomy.2156/#post-11161

If elves interest you, in Norse mythology the gods gave Freyr/Frey the realm Álfheim (elf home) as a teething present. It is home to the Ljósálfar/Ljósálfr "Light Elves".

In Norse mythology there are also Dökkálfar/Dökkálfr "Dark Elves" which like the Celtic Tuatha Dé Danann/Aes Sídhe live underground. There were also Svartálfar/Svartálfr "Black Elves" that live in Svartálfaheimr (Black Elf home) these may be dwarfs or the Dökkálfar by another name, some think.