Hauntings as urban legends

Skeptic sister

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It would appear that hauntings are considered Urban Legend in some areas. Having encountered paranormal activity (as well as a ghost!), I'm curious: has anyone had an otherworldly encounter that was part of the local lore?


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I have never had any such encounter that's been part local lore, though sometimes I could swear that I've experienced something out of this world. Once, during the night, I heard the floor creaking like someone was walking by, but there was no one there. Everyone was still asleep. It creeped me out a bit.


I have had some strange things happen including a lamp that turns itself on and off. I'm not sure if that's because it's defective or paranormal. It's weird when it happens. If you go to sleep in my living room, where it is, sometimes when you wake up, it's on.
My grandma swears that when she was in New Orleans she experienced something strange in her hotel room, which was supposed to be a historical building that was haunted. A woman apparently died nearby and my grandma saw a woman crying at night in the lobby. She swears it was that ghost but it really could have just been a crying woman.