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I have always wondered about dreamcatchers, does anyone know when this story first began? I'm so fascinated by dreams and interested in dream mythology. Does anyone use a dreamcatcher at home?


Dreamcatchers have many lores in Native American history. Each story is a little different but always involves a spider helping to get rid of bad dreams. They say the good dreams know the way to get through the small middle hole. The bad dreams get tangled in the web and the morning sun burns them up. I love dreamcatchers and have a few that were gifted to me by some friends.


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I used to have a large one, but can't remember where I have put it. Still have a small neck-strung dreamcatcher though.
I have a couple in my bedroom window. One from France and another from Wales. And then a small, cute red one that my friend gave me a few years ago. I dont know much about their history, other than that they catch the bad dreams, but ive always been facsinated by them, they're so pretty ^_^


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I am part Cherokee and both of my kids have them in their room. I have a larger one in mine that my mother found years ago and its all black with tiny crystal specks that surround it.


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I have four dreamcatchers, all of them are handmade, and three of them created by a lovely lady with Native American heritage.


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I found one in my house. It is on the wall of a room now used for storage, which used to be my stepson's bedroom. I really never noticed it before. For use, I think it should be free hanging from the ceiling over the sleeper's head. Like a gazillion of others, I am part Cherokee (via my maternal grandmother).