Deep sea diver found in forest


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I heard this urban myth when I was in an area of Spain that had suffered terrible forest fires. There were firefighting planes that would scoop water from ther sea and then fly over the forest fires and dump the water. It was said that one year, once the fires were under control, the body of a diver in full wetsuit and the remnants of scuba diving gear was found in a tree !

Utter nonsense - but a good example of how urban legends and myths are constantly being generated.


Wow that sounds like something from the plotline of the TV show 'Lost'! People do love to conjure up bizarre stories, don't they. I wonder what purpose they serve.


I think, Chintai, that is the glamourus effect of the mind being able to tell such bizarre stories. People are memorized :)


I saw this urban legend being portrayed in CSI and was disproved in the show Mythbusters. There is no way helicopters or seaplanes can scoop up a deep sea diver and transport it to the site. It is a good urban legend to talk about how the diver got on top of the trees.


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As far as urban legends are concerned, just write a book or even convince one person of something and a chain reaction has been started. It doesn't have to have facts it just needs to be ambiguous enough that it can't be disproved.