Your interpretation of the persephone myth


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I've seen a lot of debate about what "truly" happened in the abduction of Persephone myth. Arguments about how she willingly became queen there or was tricked into staying there.

On one side it is believed that Hades had abducted and tricked Persephone into eating the seeds of a pomegranate so that she would be forced to stay there and live unhappily as his bride.

On the other hand it is believe that she knew what she was getting into. She craved power and wanted to distance herself from her identity as Kore- the weak maiden, as she was tired of being viewed as a meager child. She willingly ate the seeds to obtain a slice of power over the underworld.

I'm not sure which side I lean more towards. I do believe there was some kind of trickery and kidnapping involved but Persephone had enjoyed her time with Hades and wanted to be by his side. I do know the ancient Greeks feared her, due to my interpretation of one of her epithets-Epaine: The fearful one.

I would be interested in hearing your opinions and views on the matter.:)


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I always felt the former story seemed better. That Hades tricked her with the Pomegranate. But I think whilst it meant she was "forced" to stay there, she wasn't super unhappy with it as she had started to fall for Hades in a Stockholm Syndrome style of things.

Definitely on point that she became more powerful and important by marrying Hades. Which I think is something she would of grown to appreciate over time, playing into the Stockholm Syndrome vibe.