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Has anyone heard the legend of the Windigo? It was supposed to be a person who had anger in their hearts. Someone who wanted to do evil to someone. Then if they went into the mountains, they would come back with this creature possessing them. They would eventually kill everyone around them if they weren't stopped and would eat the corpses. I had heard this a long time ago but recently found a TV show about the legend.
I've heard only of the eating the corpses part. I guessed that they were misanthropic cannibals that became super strong by consuming the "strength" of others. As for the origin of the idea or any more details, I've got nothing.


Here is the story I heard Sasquatch. Its a little different but still quite eerie!
The story I was told was The Wendigo is a common myth in the upper penninsula, Minnesota and canada. White men would ask Native American guides to help them hunt in remote areas but some places were too dangerous. If the Native American guide decided to take these men too far the Wendigo would come for them. The stories say that it would call the name of the victim within the howling wind. The guide would be frozen with fear and then bolt from the tent or area where they were staying. The white man, if he made it back to a village, would then say that he could here the guide screaming about his burning feet all through the night and when he ventured out in the morning he saw foot tracks in the snow that would get unnaturally longer in stride and eventually dissappear....implying that the Wendigo would snatch up the man and carry him into the wind at tremendous speed. Sometimes the survivor would even say that the victim would be seen a few days later wrapped in blankets and sitting next to a fire in the local bars. When the survivor approached them and unveiled the blanket the victim would be nothing but a pile of ashes. CREEPY!!!!!