Will christianity become myth?


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I think that part of christianitys' fall in popularity is the fact that its broader faiths and beliefs have been somewhat obscured in favour of creating offshoot churches that focus less on the bible and its meanings and more on peoples own beliefs as nutured by the practical world we live in (or as they see it). This still doesn't lessen the fact that religion can never be a myth but - as mentioned above - a 'faith' based system. This is the difference people need to grasp.


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That's an excellent point, blarney. It is certainly true that religion itself is not a myth, but it can be based on myth. It's easy to confuse the two. The original question might be reformulated thus: Will the stories of Jesus Christ in the Bible ever be considered mythological? The obvious answer is: Yes, some people already consider them to be mythological. Likewise, Paganism is not a myth, but a Pagan nay believe in certain myths.


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I agree that blarney makes a good point, but I think Olsen does as well. I'm not talking about how she said this topic could be offensive, I'm a Christian and I find this interesting nonetheless. I'm thinking more that Christianity is very unlikely to widely be considered mythical anytime soon. I just think inertia will prevent a large portion of the world population from considering the stories of Jesus Christ to be a myth. Christianity is still pretty popular worldwide, and it's passed down through generations all over the world too. I think myths have generally been a little more local. Also, many groups of Christians are extremely determined to continue spreading the message. Their message is generally considered "good", and is widely received. I don't see how that is going to significantly change, but maybe that's just me.


I am a Christian so I'm not trying to say I don't believe or anything like that, but do you think it's possible that hundreds, or thousands, of years from now Christianity will fall into the myth category and be replaced by something else?
I think it is possible. Do you believe that the universe was created in six days, and that a woman comes from a rib of a man? Though, I don't deny that the Bible is a good book, and I learn much from it.