Why are four-leaf clovers considered to be lucky?


Why are four-leaf clovers considered to be lucky?

When Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden, Eve snatched a 4-leaf clover (which were plentiful in the Garden) as a remembrance of her days in Paradise.

In Irish tradition a three-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity.
One leaf each for the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.
When a four-leaf clover is found the fourth leaf represents God's Grace.

One old saying on the luck of the clover: "One leaf for fame,/One leaf for wealth,/And one leaf for a faithful lover,/And one leaf to bring glorious health,/Are all in a 4-leaf clover

Others say that the four-leaf clover represents Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.

Also, the rarity of the plant (at one time) contributed to its value, although seeds which grow only 4-leaf clovers are now available.


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From what I know, the four-leaf clover has nothing to do with Ireland, which is famous for the shamrock. I think that the leaves of the clover represent hope, faith, love, and luck.


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I had never heard those stories about the four leaf clover. I remember when I was a kid sitting in clover patches always trying to find that illustrious four leaf clover. Don't think I ever did however.


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Wow what a great thread. I never really thought about four leaf clovers before lol. I never read the part about adam and eve either. Interesting :)


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I have never in my life found a four-leaf clover. I blame this on most of my misfortune ;)

Very interesting story and reasons behind the clover.


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I've always thought that it's because humans tend to attach mythical significance to the unique or rare, especially in nature. Although I can't think of any other examples at the moment... any ideas?