Who has an indian princess for a great-grandmother?


Speaking of urban legends, how many of you are or have known people who were descended from an Indian princess? The facts say otherwise, but oral history passed down through many families tell of an Indian princess in the background. My mother told me we had one. When I did the research, I found one unmarried mulatto (probably Native American judging from the history of he area and the surname) maidservant in the home of a man I figured to be the male great-grandfather. He never married her. I could write a novel from the facts I found. She was more akin to a slave than a princess. How we protect our young!


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I've never met an Indian princess, but I do know an African princess. We went to high school together-she was a close friend of my sisters'. Somehow I never knew she was a princess (everyone else did) until about two years ago. She keeps in touch on facebook and I asked how she was...she went into telling me about her trip back to Africa to visit her people...I'm thinking "your people" so I asked and she explained it to me. Obviously I was very unobservant in high school-Bella Cullen's got nothing on me:D