Where is everyone?

The Misfit

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I found this forum yesterday, it looked interesting, so I joined. But I've noticed something. The pace around here is really sloooooow. This place is almost dead. I've found myself responding to posts that are years old, and wondering if anyone will ever read my responses, let alone comment on them.
Was there a time when this place was more lively? Did did something happen to cause people to stop participating here? This is a great topic for a forum, and this place should be way more active. How can we improve this place and get things going?


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Well, I can't speak for the other members, but I kind of just went on to other things for a while. I only just thought today that it had been so long long since I was last on, that I should check in on it again. And 'lo and behold, I found some of these posts of yours! ;) Now I'm glad I came back, because this way you'll get a response!! It's always nice to get an answer, right? Even if it is nearly a year later? :(

It used to be very lively, I'm not entirely sure what happened. Shall I see if if I can talk Nadai into a few posts? She was quite a regular as well. Well, just click on the members link at the top, and you'll see who all the regulars were. I can't promise anything - I'm working hard these days, not so much hardly working - but I'll try to come back more often. Hope you get this!

E. M.