What is the biggest urban legend ever


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I've heard some of these, but others are new to me. What about these -

If you flush food down the toilet snakes will crawl out of the sewer into your toilet and bite you.

The drain in a swimming pool will suck you up if you touch it.

If you swallow a cherry pit a tree will grow inside you.


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I had great fun reading all of these and had heard about most of them. I think some of these are just ways your parents try to get you not to do something, like the cherry pit, and if you swallow bubblegum your insides will stick together. How about the ones that are on the internet now, oh so and so is sick, or so and so is going to be let out of prison, sign this email and forward it on. There are so many of those!


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The drain thing reminded me of hearing about some of Woody Allen's phobias from someone who knew him. He was terrified of any drain especially floor drains and wouldn't go into a room that had them. He is also, apparently, terrified of trees. I have to laugh when I hear some of the stories as I don't know whether it's real phobias or just plain old weirdness!


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I think the cherry pit one is not possible, because your stomach acids would most likely dissolve it. (Hey, the acids are supposedly able to melt solid metal. :D )


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i'd say bloody mary or the one with the crazy guy who keeps calling the girl then they find out the call was inside the house


I have participated in the light as a feather thing and we got it to work also. It was about seven teenagers lifting a woman that had to weigh about three hundred pounds and you know it freaks you out when you use only two fingers on each hand and you get the woman waist high.


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I am thinking of when I lived in Memphis which is not too far from Graceland. "Sightings" of Elvis have to be right up there among the biggest urban legends....Elvis lives!


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With the Internet there seems to be so many and they spread so much faster. I think one of the more heard ones that haven't been mentioned is about waking up in a tub full of ice with a kidney missing.
I've heard this one. People get slipped a ruffie and wake up with parts missing that are being sold on the black market.


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I've heard the hairy hands one-not that I ever had to worry about that, luckily;)
I think everyone knows the story of Bloody Mary, though I suppose it varies. The way I'd learned was that if you said her name three times she'd enter your dreams, five times she'd kill you where you stood no matter how fast you got to a light. I never tried it.
The light as a feather thing was always pretty big-that and Ouija Boards were always pretty big pre-bedtime scares at parties.
I think sewer gators were pretty big, too. That you shouldn't flush dead pets like gerbils or fish because they fed the gator and just made him bigger and bigger!
Holding your breath when you pass a graveyard was pretty popular. That one was especially unsettling for me because when I was a pre-teen I lived in a very old house, the type that has dead family members in the backyard! It was terribly creepy for the first few months and especially creepy when my friends found out and told me every ghost story that crossed their minds!
One legend about the ghostly hitch-hiker. Man stops to pick up a girl. Drives her home, but when he stops at her address to let her out the girl has disappeared. Man knocks on the door and finds that the girl has been dead several years and that she died in a car accident on the very same stretch of road!
And of course Cokelore: if you eat Pop-Rocks and drink Coke your stomach will explode!


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Anyone seen the Paranormal Activity trailer in which the two girls are doing the Bloody Mary ritual?