What exactly ended the milesians reign?


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I like the story of the Milesian invasion, where they defeated Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht, and Mac Greine, the three last kings of the Tuatha De Danaan. As I understand it they split Ireland between two of the sons of Mil, Erimon and Eber Finn. Then at one point the two sons fought each other, and Eber Finn was killed, leaving one ruler. After this point, what happens to the last son, Erimon? Who eventually takes over Ireland after his reign?


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Aren't the High Kings of Ireland, down from the legendary ones to the historical ones who ruled in the 12th century supposed to have been Milesians (or at least direct descendants thereof)? Well, I could be wrong about that, but Érimón was succeeded by his sons Muimne, Luigne and Laigne, who ruled jointly until, after Muimne succumbed to plague, the latter two were killed by their cousins Ér, Orba, Ferón and Fergna, who were then killed by Íriel Fáid, a brother of Muimne, Luigne and Laigne. Íriel Fáid's son Ethriel, who ruled after him, was slain by yet another close relative and so on and on. Wikipedia.org has a pretty comprehensive list of both legendary and historical rulers of Ireland, q.v.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_High_Kings_of_Ireland