What are the significant visual depictions of Achilles?


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I am currently in the process of drawing my own design evolution of Achilles through various different things, trying to research and find the most significant and noteworthy depictions of him.

So far, I have the following depictions in consideration to draw: Classical (Ca. 300 BC), Triumph of Achilles (1892 painting), Helen of Troy (1956 movie), The Odyssey (1997 miniseries), Disney's Hercules (1998 animated series), Helen of Troy (2003 miniseries), Troy (2004 movie), Troy: Fall of a City (2018 TV series), Smite (2018 game), A Total War Saga: Troy (2020 game).

What other significant versions do you think there are that I should consider to include? Can be an old painting, or a movie, or a show, or a game, or a comic. I will not include any examples where only his armor appears (like in God of War: Ascension or in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey), and I will not include any characters "inspired" by him or merely sharing the same name.

And no book recommendations, since that would require me to do my own personal interpretation of a description, which would defeat the purpose of me showing the evolution of visual interpretations.

Other than that, any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. :D