Was perfection possible in the ancient greek world?

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    If you look at their art, you may think so. Doryphoros (translated from Greek as ‘Spear-Bearer), was a statue created during the 5th century BC. The fine detail for an idealized human anatomy and natural pose of this statue inspired Romans to create several copies and lucky for us, some of the replicas have survived until today.

    The Doryphoros’ creator, Polykleitos, is regarded as one of the most important sculptors of classical antiquity and was also the author of a treatise known as the Kanon (or Canon, which means ‘measure’ or rule’). This treatise, like the original Doryphoros sculpture, is no longer in existence, but it has been referred to by other writers from the ancient world, such as Galen and Pliny.

    Ancient Origins.net has some really good articles on Doryphoros

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