Villas in kerala high in demand


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Owning villas in kerala has become a trend and a symbol of status for both the natives and foreigners. The scenic beauty of ‘Gods’ own country’ is the main reason for the popularity of these homes. Traditionally designed villas located along the backwaters or green patches in Kerala are high in demand. The builders in Kerala thus choose such locations for their projects, which in turn, gives them high profits. The most modern amenities offered in the traditionally designed villas for the residents, lure people to buy one and reside.

The youngsters those who are placed with high remuneration, especially in the IT field in Kerala, want to own their homes at the earliest. Most of them prefer to buy a ready to occupy villa rather than spending time and constructing homes on their own. The varieties of design, round the clock security, water supply and electricity and after sales maintenance are some of the benefits of residing in villas that persuade people to purchase one. Villas in urban cities in Kerala, especially in Cochin, are much in demand since the advent and development of the IT firms and multinational companies. Villas in such places are occupied mostly by those who are employed with these firms. A more recent trend that has been set is that of the eco friendly villas, which are designed in such a way so as to conserve energy and natural resources to the maximum.

Many of the people, especially the NRIs, purchase the villas in Kerala with investment prospects. Since Kerala is developing at a rapid pace, real estate in the state assures much profit.