Vampires today


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I was watching the trailor for Underworld Awakening (I've got the first three, but don't quite know how I feel about this one) when I started thinking about The Breed and the similarities between the two.
It made me think... what would happen today if vampires decided to "come out of the closet"? Obviously the similarity between the two movies was the reaction: humans focused more on the dangers that vampires pose rather than the fact that, if vampires did decide to announce their presence, the only change to our society would be that we then would know for certain that they existed.
So do you all think it would be like in Underworld where humans declare war on vampires, like The Breed where humans decide to kill off all vampires secretly while pretending to want peace, or would it be more like the Sookie Stackhouse series where everyone decides, for the most part, that it's no big deal and all learn to adjust.


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I think humans' fear of vampires would turn into hatred and would declare war on them all. It seems to be our nature.