Urban myth board game


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Have you seen the new Urban Myth Board Game?

Urban Myth consists of a game board divided into four city blocks, six playing pieces, and a deck of 700 game cards in six subject categories: Celebrity, Health, Classics, Nature, Business and Crime.
Each Card lists either one or two urban legends printed on the front and a letter from the words M-Y-T-H or T-R-U-E on the back. One out of every eight cards is a wild card bearing the Urban Myth logo, which can be substituted for any letter.
The objective of Urban Myth is to be the first player to spell the word M-Y-T-H or the word T-R-U-E by collecting the letters on the back of the game cards. Players earn letters by correctly identifying which stories are myth and which are true.

This sounds like fun and a great Christmas gift, don't you think?


Where did you find the Urban Myth Board Game? I do not think I have ever seen a game like this, and it does sound fun. I wonder what urban myths are on the cards?