Urban legends about online dating

Have you heard any urban legends about online dating?

The one I heard is that a man started talking to the "perfect" woman online for a while. When he decided to meet up with her he discovered that she was actually his mother.


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That is funny and totally wrong at the same time Alice. I haven't heard any specific myths about online dating but I have heard all the typical warnings about it.


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I think that is the basis (true or not) of why so many dating websites have strict security warnings to their end users. I have met a few people who fibbed about certain things, but only one that was a stalker type (and he quickly went away after a restraining order was placed).


I heard the one about the guy finding out his mother was the person he had been talking to on a dating website. Imagine all the naughty(words not pictures) emails that were exchanged. I would be beyond horrified! I would also need some major counciling after that ordeal!
I agree, I would be terrified if that was me. Imagine if picture were involved as well. I would never use the internet again! Fortunately my parents aren't on the internet enough for me to have to ever worry about such a thing.