Twilight breaking dawn birth scene

Have you heard the birth scene from Twilight Breaking Dawn has been causing seizures in some people who are susceptible to seizures? It seems the combo of white, black and red, flashing like it does in the scene, can sometimes bring on a seizure. I knew the teen movies could bring on groans from parents, but I've never heard of it bringing on seizures before. :)


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As someone who is prone to seizures (I have epilepsy) I watched this movie with no problems. I didn't even think it was half as bad as some movies that flash a lot. I think that might just be another urban myth in the making.


No, it's not an urban myth. I saw the same article. I guess the way it's done is really too intense and perhaps those people need their meds increased if a movie can bring one on.


Seeing as how the article mentioned people being hospitalized and specific cities I don't think it is an urban legend. Perhaps it's the price to be paid for watching such a horrible series to begin with!


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I just watched this movie last week and to be quite honest, I didn't even notice the flashing lights. I did enjoy the movie. I think it's the best one yet. And I look forward to the second half.