True urban legends

So, how many of the urban legends we hear are true? There are many that really are either based on a true story or are actually a true story. The one I can think of right offhand is the one about the Halloween "decoration" that turned out to be a real woman that had hung herself. She hung herself on the Tuesday before Halloween and no one noticed that it was a real person until late the next day. Talk about feeling insignificant! So, do you have one? Start the ball rolling with some more stories.


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How about the Fun House Mummy? A hanging body was found in an amusement park made out of human skin and bones. Everyone thought it was a prop made from papier mache. It turned out to be Elmer McCurdy a criminal who was killed in a shootout after a robbery.. The mortician who embalmed his body was so proud of his work he put it on display.


The one about waking up in a hotel room in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney is true. It only became an urban legend when it was rumored that it happened a lot.


I had actually never heard of any of those and urban legends are kind of a hobby of mine. The one where a criminal hid under a woman's car at the gas station and slashed her tendon so she couldn't run is real, but became urban legend when people said it happened all the time.


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How about the one where some teenagers dared a friend to go stick an knife in a certain graveyard at midnight just to prove she could do it. They found her dead the next morning with the knife stuck through the hem of her skirt. She had pinned herself to the grave and died of fright. Sad!!
I think that a lot of urban legends have some sort of fact as a basis but the way the story twists and turns, it ends up as something else entirely, a legend.