"to train up a child"


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So I know there was a discussion, maybe a couple of years ago, on the forum about disciplining children, but this one is a bit different from the previous post.
Something was brought to my attention recently. Hearing about what has been happening to children because of this book is so horrifying and frightening and shameful. Apparently there is a book written by a "Christian" couple, the Pearls, called "To Train up a Child". This book is supposed to be a teaching tool for parents who want to learn the "Christianly" way of discipline. Basically it's a book that tells parents how to torture their children into submission, and I mean torture. Beating them, starving them, and not just kids but babies as young as six months old! Hearing this was so disgusting that I just had to share it to make people aware of it. I actually have posted this on some of the other forums just so that people will see it. There are petitions to get these books removed from websites like Amazon, but they're being handed out for free at some churches and military bases for military spouses. There have already been deaths connected to this book (parents torturing their children to death).


This is a link to a recent article about a little girl who was killed by her foster parents who were taking their cues from this book. I really hope, for the sake of all kids, that people see this and sign the petition to hinder the distribution of this book.


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:mad: :mad:Oh, my lord! This is a HORRIBLE book. I read a number of reviews, and I am happy to report that close to no one likes it. Michael and Debi Pearl have a lot of answering to do. I mean, were they beaten as children? How can they possibly think that this is the way to raise a child?!? :mad: I am sorry to report that they have five children of their own. Where is this petition? I'd like to sign.

Hearing about this sort of thing always makes my blood boil. :mad: :mad:

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You can click on the link. Towards the bottom of the article it says "sign the petition".

It is pretty awful:( I feel terribly for their children.