Thor on colbert report


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That was hilarious!
Essentially, Colbert pits Thor and Jesus in a fight, wondering who would win.
He goes with Jesus since the opening of The Passion pulled in more money in its opening weekend than Thor.
It's really funny about the concept of Thor verses Jesus. In one of the Icelandic sagas, there actually is a discussion of Thor taking on Jesus.
This was of course at a time when Christianity first arrived in Iceland, and there was a lot of arguing concerning the new and old faith.
In the saga, the ship carrying a group of Christian missionaries is destroyed during a storm. The followers of Thor gave him the credit.
It was also believed that Thor challenged Jesus to a fight, and Jesus refused. I'm sure the followers of Jesus would have probably claimed that Jesus is peaceful, but Thor's followers would have believed him to be just chicken.
The saga by the way is Njal's saga.
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