The princes in the tower

Bona Dea

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This true event in English history has created many conspiracy theories and is still debated today.

The story of the two young boys, and heirs to the English throne, imprisoned in the Tower of London by their uncle Richard Duck of Gloucester - later Richard III, has captured the imagination for centuries.

Just what did happen to them? Were they murdered - and if so by who? Were they removed an allowed to grow up elsewhere? Did either of them survive? Were the bones found in 1674 really theirs?

It is a debate that will go on and on. Many believe that Richard III was responsible for their deaths, but can't agree on who actually murdered them. Equally, there are those who believe that Richard III was completely innocent and just another pawn in the political game.....


I have no definite opinion about what exactly happened but the whole story is fascinating. I wonder if anyone has tried to exhume the bodies believed to be theirs and conduct tests? (I know this happened in the past but technology wasn't what it is today at that time.)


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Illegitimate twins who were a threat to the monarchy, who disappear after being insecurely pushed from the line of succession. I think that personally it is pretty clear that it was a case of jealousy, knowing what the monarchy was like back then.

The last time they were exhumed was 1933.