The muses!


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Who is your favorite muse? Calliope, muse of epic poetry, is my favorite one. I love to think of her as my inspiration for my creativity and writing. :)


Urania and Clio. The keeper of the stories of the earth, and the keeper of the stories in the stars.


I find myself fascinated by the concept of "the muses". The fact that they are female is very illustrative of the patriarchal society of the time. Only men were considered able to write, to create, to be artists.

I like a little something about each muse, but my favorite three are Euterpe (I prefer lyric poetry over epic one), Polyhymnia (sacred poetry is also very interesting, in my opinion) and Melpomene (I find tragedies more challenging to read than comedies).


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I am intrigued by the sister of Calliope, Melpomene, the muse of tragedy but was once known as the muse of singing. I wonder how this happened; why would she be one and then the other. I need to research this.


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I found out recently that the term mosaic means "work of the Muses."
We are all familiar with mosaic art, but the term is used in genetics. If a person has two cell types, say normal cells
and cells containing an extra 21 chromosome, then he is considered mosaic Down Syndrome.
This is also true for hermaphrodites: XX/XY cells.
However, if a hermaphrodite results from two fertilized eggs joining together, then this is chimerism rather than mosaicism.
Notice that the muses are not the only figures that have lent themselves to modern terminology; the hermaphrodite and the chimera are also
Greek mythological beings. The Chimera is a composite creature made from a lion, goat and serpent. It was killed by Bellerophon on Pegasus.
So who says mythology is not important???


Amazing how the muses have so many traditions or myths about them. The original traditions tells about only 3 muses (Melete or Practice, Mneme or Memory and Aoide or Song). There was another with 7 and one more with 9. Going with the 9 one, my favorite is Terpsichore and her domain is the choral dance and song.


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I like The Muse that sings through Homer. But they are all lovely. I saw a list once with attributes assigned to the "the delighter" is one I remember. I also heard a line "when the muses appeared you had a good time."


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The first time I heard of Muses was back in 1980 in that silly but sweet movie Xanadu.
Olivia Newton-John plays one of the muses, with roller skates and wearing leg warmers!