The devil's looking glass


In Tennesse there is a place that is called the Devil's Looking Glass. There are many different stories about the place. One says there are actually seven demon faces in the rocks and if you find them all then you can conjure them. The Devil's Looking Glass is a sheer rock wall rising hundreds of feet over the rugged Nolichucky River in Unicoi County, Tennessee. One Cherokee story is that a cave about halfway up the face of the cliff was home to a terrible demon. He lay in wait to pounce upon a passing canoe. There are reports of strange cries of agony coming from the rocks. There are times people clame glowing spirits can be seen among the cracks. There was suppose to be an witch that lived near the Devil's Looking Glass and was rumored to have entertained the spirits all night long until the sun would run them back to the rocks.


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There are a couple of strange places in the neighboring state of North Carolina. One is called the Devil's Tramping Ground. It's a circle of ground which apparently is sterile, nothing grows there, but no one knows why. I went there once. Seemed pretty spooky. The other is the Brown Mountain Lights. They can't be seen on Brown Mountain itself, but only from neighboring mountains.


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Wow, that is pretty cool. There is nothing like that around here but I wish there was. I would go take a look to see what I could see if it was closer. Have you been there? Did you see anything? How exciting!