Television show: urban legends

I was pleasantly surprised to be flipping through channels and find a show that dramatized three urban legends and asked the audience to determine which is not true. I thought it was interesting that they were acted out with "real" people they "happened" to also giving interviews. It reminded me of Beyond Belief but modern and less cheesy.


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I actually have a video that I use every year around Halloween that was done by real people. It covers The Devil's tramping ground, The Opening Door and several others. Granted, these are not professional actors but it really brings these urban legends to life and mesmerizes my youngsters.


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Sounds pretty interesting and something I need to keep an eye out for. Right now we are seeing more shows that we watch tie in something totally random about myths and it always catches us off guard. Love it!
I've seen it and I really liked it too. I would love to see them continue the show with new urban legends and myths. People come up with some of the wildest legends I've ever heard.


I used to love that show! I had no idea that it still played on tv. What channel was it on? I would love to catch it again sometime.