Spring in the air?


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Spring cannot come soon enough for me. I detest winter and all it's harshness and cold weather. Sunlight and warmth is the ticket for me. Anyone else like this?


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Spring and summer are my favourite seasons, and like you Toni, I absolutely detest winter. Fortunately, at the moment at least anyway, it's been quite mild. (It was 7 celsius today - don't know what that is in fahrenheit.) However, I still can't wait to go south for spring break, and then for spring -- which will also mean the end of the semester, and four months off school!


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7°C = 44.6°F
We're having a heat wave in my neck of the woods. It's currently about 13°C, but it's projected to get down to -1°C around daybreak.
It's only a little over 60 days until the spring equinox!