Spider under skin facebook scam


There is a scam going around Facebook I thought I would warn everyone about. This is a "clickjacking" scam in which, you click the picture and it takes you to a survey. This will then send the video to everyone on your contact list and post on Facebook under your name. There isn't a virus connected to it but was started by someone who gets paid to click or have people complete the survey. Don't click on this one. It's a disgusting picture anyway and there is no video attached.


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Thank you for that and it is good to know. I'm not on Facebook a whole lot but there have been times when I've seen things to click on but luckily haven't done it. There are so many on there that something like this is bound to happen.


Thanks for the heads up. I saw it about four times on my news feed yesterday but didn't click on it, thank goodness. I'm arachnophobic so I stayed away. ;)


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Ive seen pictures friends have posted and been like "what is that?!". I didn't think it was normal for them and I just don't click on those pictures either.


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I got this the other day but the friend whose name it was sent under had commented that it was a scam and not to click on it so I just deleted it. I had this happen with my hotmail account though and it really stunk because it kept going through my address book and we passed it back and forth for awhile.