South american beings


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What is the creature referred to in this piece?

"The native man with his spear stood still watching the woman bathing in the creek. Her beauty seemed to be blessed by the gods. He went into his tent and desperately tried to fight the temptation. He lay in his hammock and to his surprise, she lay next to him. He closed his eyes and felt her embrace.

Soon after, a demon feasted on his flesh and his shrieks could be heard from afar."


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Where is the passage from? It certainly sounds interesting, and I would like to figure it out.


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Sadly, I am not. Please, tell me what/who it's about.
Well, its about a creature called Bush Dai Dai. It is a demon who deguises itself as either a beutiful woman or a handsome man and seduces people in the Guyanese interiors. It usually is a woman.