So sleepy


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For some reason I am not getting normal sleep at night, I am instead laying awake for 90 minutes trying to fall asleep. I am between awake and kind of sleeping. What gives, its evening now and I am ready for a nap.


This is strange, because I am going through the same thing. I just lay there forever, in that awake state. I have tried to drink sleepy time tea, and even count sheep. So far, nothing is working. Is anyone else having sleep problems? They say a full moon makes people act crazy, could the phases of the moon make someone have problems sleeping?


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Sometimes the internal clock gets out of whack. I usually pop a melatonin tablet about an hour before hitting the sack. Melatonin is a substance normally produced by the pineal gland which tells the brain that it's beddy-bye time. Taking a melatonin supplement doesn't make me groggy the next morning.