Sharks in the ohio river?


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Has anyone heard the urban legend of their being sharks in the Ohio River? There are also tales of mutated fish along with enormous catfish and paddle fish in there as well. It stays so muddy, I wouldn't doubt any of this. There have been tales of sharks hundreds of miles up the Mississippi River so who knows?


I have not heard of sharks in the Ohio River, but I do not really live close to there. We had a shark wash up, from our local lake. Everyone was freaking out, at the possibility of sharks in the lake. I think , the news later reported, that someone just dumped the shark there. I wonder if they were not trying to calm our fears? Seriously, who drives six hours to the beach, somehow finds a shark, then drives six hours back, just to dump it?


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I hadn't heard the shark thing either. I thought they required relatively clear water?

The catfish thing, though, would not surprise me in the least. Catfish get amazingly huge as it is.