Roman mythology and archaeologists


Are there every any archaeological finds that help us better understand or prove Roman mythology. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist. Does anyone know when the last find was?

fibi ducks

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i was on a dig site in crete a few years go - i built a path that the tourists were supposed to walk on instaed of the ancient stuff. what i gathered was that there is stacks of this stuff still underground, waiting the resources for it to be dug up - if it ever is. i think there's a library in pompeii or herculaneium that's in the process of being dug up. all the scrolls are carbonised (i think) and so they cannot be unrolled, but new technology allows them to be scanned and ultimately read without being unrolled.
in general though, i don't really know what archeology says about the myths. i really need to think how to approach it even...
i used robert graves' books on greek myths a lot to get familiar with the stories. he is clearly putting the archeology together with the myths to come up with a bigger picture. arg. wish i knew more!