Very interesting! I have just read the story about Prometheus. It appears that, according to myth, Zeus was real jerk and forced Prometheus to suffer much for helping humans. One would think that after Prometheus had helped Zeus so much, that he would be more grateful.

I think I am beginning to see where Christianity gets its ideas of salvation, though. The whole Hellenistic influence on Christianity was intense, moreso than it was on Judaism (which is not to say that we were NOT influenced by it; we were, just not as much).In Judaism, the influence was less theological and more philosophical. In Christianity, it became a guide to theology as well as philosophical meanderings along Talmudic lines.

But now, I think I understand how people, influenced as they were by a story of sacrifice of suffering by Prometheus, and his ultimate redemption, could develop such ideas about Jesus of Nazareth, although I do find it odd that they chose a Jewish Rabbi about whom to rally.

But I think I get it better than I once did. And God knows, the Romans didn't want anyone getting away with being a Prometheus in the Empire, especially NOT in Judaea! Its no wonder he was killed on a Roman Cross.


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Prometheus is an alternative name for Apollo/Ares[Aplu Enlil/Nergal]=Min/Menu=Menoetius.
The punishment inflicted upon Prometheus was by Mercury[Aeetes/Eagle/Aquilo/Boreas/Bres/Iapetus].
Atlas/Cronus separated Uranus[Anu] from Gaia/Gaea/Ge/Ki/Semele/Zemelo/Zemlya[Mother Earth/Athena/Anat].
Cronus=Attis/Atys.Hatti[Hittite kingdom]/Hatti-land=Atlantis[see Sea Peoples].Ahhiyawa=Attica.
There is much confusion between Min/Menu[Mars/Geb] of Egypt and Men/Meness/Mani[Moon-god/Hermes] of Europe.
Minos = Min/Pan/Ares.Gebtu/Keft=Coptos.Keftiu=Minoan Cretans.Caphtor/Kaptara=Minoan Crete.
Manawydan/Manannan was the son of Ma and Nuada(n)/Nodens/Nethuns/Neptune/Lud/Tylon/Lir of Lydia/Dylan.
Vala/Vali/Veles/Volos[Pluto]=Dionysus/Deucalion/Noah[built Ark]=Osiris/Leo/Llew/Lleu Llaw Gyffes/Donn/Aidoneus.
Min=Amsu=Hamsa/Gander/Goose/Geb.Aristaeus[good shepherd]=Har sa Iset/Horus son of Isis/Atum/Athamas[Autumn].
Lycurgus,'king of Edoni'=Sarpedon/Min/Pan/Minos/Aegeus/Aegisthus.Sar ='king'[see Sargon].
Tyro=Merope=Mut/Nephthys/Hera/Amphitrite.Sisyphus=Khepri/Ares[not husband of Tyro/Merope].
Cycnus/Pelias/Atreus was the son of Poseidon/Lir/Heracles/Pelops and the father of Hemithea/Helen/Demeter/Aphrodite/Jwalini.
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