Positive characteristics of medusa

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Ive searched this forum and dident really find any answers to my question. Its a rather different question indeed.

Okay so after the fallout of my ex wife and I, I started soul searching and looked into Astrology for answers on why things happen to me the way they do in my life. It turns out my ruling star is Caput Algol. Medussas star. People tend to gravatate towards the charactestics of their ruling star. So I was pretty much shafted by a judge in my town and havent seen my son in 3 years due to non prooven trumped up claims made by my ex when she heard I was gettng re married. To make it worse, my ex wifes mother at the time was the court admin in this small town we lived in, so I had no chance from the start and my ex knew that. Their are more details to the story, but thats just an example of what Im dealing with in my life.

Now, to the question. I realize that Medusas life characteristics is replicating itself in my life, but im searching for some light in her lore. I just can not find any, and quite frankly, im loosing hope in the search. Their has to be some good in her story. Some positive thing to gain in the end instead of being a hidias vengefull monster. I know to some I may seem completly off my rocker, but I just dont seem to have my head on right (pun intended). Trying to stay positive and remain hoapfull, but can anyone provide any light on the subject?

Thank you all Dearly in advance for your guidance and help.


Hello John,

Sorry for the very long post. I've tried to put up everything that might be helpful or interesting to you.

If you would like to read it for yourself most of what I've put here can be found in some from on : http://www.theoi.com/Pontios/Gorgones.html

I do not know very much about Astrology, but what I can tell you of Medusa/Medousa myth is likely more helpful, and hopeful perhaps. There are two reasoning to her nature, that of a mortal woman made monstrous by Athena (which I think not a curse if Medusa was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, perhaps Athena was only giving Medusa the 'gift' of never having to worry about a male touching her when Medusa did not want it, having power over males that they could not force her without turning to stone) - or that she was the daughter of Keto (goddess who personified the ketea, dangerous creatures and monsters of the sea) and Phorkys (god who presided over the hidden dangers of the deep); the Gorgons were likely personifications of the deadly submerged reefs that would have wrecked ships. Reefs were said to be made where Perseus placed the head of Medusa, and though obviously dangerous to ships - reefs are a place where sea life thrives, a source for food.

Yet the water is undrinkable in the sea and may be a representation of drought. A sort of "water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink" mind set.

It may be that the death of Medusa was seen as a needed and necessary deed by Perseus, not because of any evil on Medusa's part, but as a sacrifice. There are certainly traces in Greek myth of mortals dying and becoming flowers, but rarer is it seen where a monster dies so that things become better - certainly it is so with Perseus, without Medusa's head he could not have saved and married his wife Andromeda. The beheading of Medusa saw the release or birth of her two sons, Pegasus (of the springs) and Khrysaor (golden blade) - Demeter is titled Khrysaoros, so going back to the idea of a drought, the death could be seen as the release for fresh water/springs and the golden blades of grain/corn.

Khrysaor was usually seen as a winged giant (or a winged boar) three bodied and four winged Geryon (Geryones) was his son with Kallirrhoe, a daughter of Okeanos. Geryon's daughter Erytheia later bore a son to Hermes named Norax who founded the city Nora. It is somewhat thought that Echidna who Herakles encountered on his way back from the task with Geryon's cattle his horses went missing and he went looking for them and found Echidna and she had taken them and would not give them up unless Herakles shared her bed for a time, from their union three sons were born - Agathyrsus, Gelonus, and Scythes, from him all the line of the kings of Skythia come.

Khrysaor might be identified with Orion's sword, Orion with Geryon, Canis Major and Minor with two headed Orthros and Taurus with the cattle bull.

Medusa's name means queen or guardian, and though she was the youngest and only mortal of her Gorgon sisters she was their leader. She was also the only Gorgon (her sisters being Sthenno and Euryale) that seemed to have children. Some say Euryale had with Poseidon a son Orion, but it isn't sure which Euryale might be meant, a daughter of Minos of Crete is usually credited.

Her face/head Athena set upon her aigis-shield, of the Olympians only Athena and Zeus had such stormy shields that could turn mortals to stone with a glance at them.

Some see the taming of Pegasus by Bellerophon and the defeat of Khimaira as spring chasing away winter; later when Bellerophon wanted to fly upon Pegasus to Olympus without invitation, he fell and survived it to his shame, while Pegasus flew on to Olympus. Pegasus was thunderbolt-bearer of Zeus, sometimes the horse of Eos the Dawn goddess. With his hoof Pegasus created the Hippocrene well which was sacred to the Muses on Mount Helicon; other wells or springs he is associated with are Hippocrene, at Troezene, and Peirene, near Corinth. All are said to inspire those who drink of them.

So in the end, if Medusa was simply a monster, a sort of ancient martyr, or myth, she was certainly more interesting than most.

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Thank you Misa for your insight. Okay so what im seeing here is, my life path is to be recycled for nourishment energy for those to come after. I had this conclusion rolling around in my head prior to posting this question. Just dident really want to accept this fate until l I had some confirmation. My other studies refer me to a place in the universe where all bad is taken and recycled. Is called the second death. Its where the soul is destroyed (but not undone) and then can be used as base energy for the living souls and life surrounding. This is most feared due to the soul will loose all its knowledge if existence. All the lessons, and experience it has gained from all its lives and travels, gone. I suppose this is my fate.


I wouldn't take it as your absolute fate, a second death. If that is what you fear, I think everyone fears death and what happens after - but the truth of it is, no one knows, there are no absolute positive proof of any one religion or belief or theory being correct or better than any other. To me that is hopeful, you do not find that anyone is wrong or right until your death occurs - and perhaps every death is unique to the individual so what is true to one is not true to another, perhaps too it is a matter of what your faith or belief is that shapes what happens to you after death. Until it happens to one, no one knows the ultimate fate.

So, I would say, live your life as if you only have this life to live. Keep fighting to see your son, keep trying to do more and be better, life is, in a lot of ways - what you make the best of it, is.

Keep in mind that Caput Algol is a powerful symbol, not only of Medusa herself - but of Perseus and later Athena, it is both awesome; both awe inspiring and terrible too. It depends on what you do with your life and your symbol that will make it either a good one or a bad one. We are all fated to be born and to die, but what happens to us between is a matter of luck and chance and attitude.