Nice link!

Pixies, elfs (as opposed to elves), brownies, and other little people I think generally fall under the category of Fairyfolk and their kin.

One thing that I learned on the link was that pixies can be the sylph-esque fairies. I was under the impression that pixies were more of a "little elf" creature (akin to a brownie) as illustrated in this picture:



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I went back and further explored that site. Did you access all the pixie pictures? I just love this one. I think it would look cute in a child's room. Don't you?

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That's a cute picture, Toni! Do you remember all those little Christmas tree pixie elves that were popular in the 1960s or early 1970s? We still have some of them that end up on the tree some years. I used to think they were ugly, but they've grown on me.