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I just read Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus where he makes a passing reference to a suicidal character from legend named Peregrinos, followed by this footnote.

"I have heard of an emulator of Peregrinos, a post-war writer who, after having finished his first book, committed suicide to attract attention to his work. Attention was in fact attracted, but the book was judged no good."

I'd never heard of Peregrinos before and googling the name doesn't turn anything up. Name sounds vaguely Greek so I thought I'd com here. Does anyone have any information on him?

fibi ducks

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i just might have a clue who the post war writer was (if that's any use) -but I never heard of Peregrinos.

Daniel Lee

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I found myself in the same situation recently, i.e., encountering the reference to "Peregrinos" in The Myth of Sisyphus and then initially having trouble finding any information about his identity. Eventually I discovered that, most likely, this was Peregrinus Proteus (c. 95-165 AD). He was a philosopher who died by suicide (ostensibly by cremating himself on a funeral pyre at the 165 Olympics after delivering his own funeral oration). Anyway, so says Wikipedia (