Not tiresias, not hermaphroditus, ...


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I recall a story similar to Tiresias's whose main character was changed from a man to a woman. Unlike Tiresias—whose gender change was meted out by Athena as punishment—this character was changed to a woman at his request, after earning the favor of one of the gods. The story tells of the man's desire for wisdom that could only be achieved by living as a man and as a woman, though not at the same time (i.e., it wasn't Hermaphroditus).

Perhaps I'm remembering a different telling of Tiresias's story wherein Tiresias asks for the change as recompense for being blinded. It was decades ago that I first learned the story, but I'm sure the character (whose name in my foggy memory began with M) asked for the change. And it could also have been a Roman (or other culture's) myth.

Anyone have an idea who this character might be?