Needles in the sewage processing plant

This one sounds like an urban legend however, it's true. All of us who use our town's sewage systems received a letter from the utility plant board to make sure if we used syringes at home for medication, to make sure we didn't flush them down the toilet so that the workers would be safer when they are treating the sewage. Evidently there have been quite a few syringes that have been showing up in the sewage treatment. Hmmm, I wonder which diabetics have been flushing their syringes?;)


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Who would think to flush a syringe? I thought there is a special thing to do with them. I have several aunts who are diabetic and they all put their needles into jars that, when they're full, they take to the hospital. I don't know if they're recycled or thrown away, but that's what I assumed everyone did with theirs. That must be scary for someone working in the sanitation department to find or be pricked with one of those and have to worry about who had that needle and what they were using it for:(


I'm going to have to tell my dad about this one as he works in a wastewater treatment facility. Of course, the way their facility is set up, I don't think he'd ever touch a syringe even if it was flushed.

That'd be a very strange way of disposing of them in any case.