Name A Mythological Figure!


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I dont believe anyone has mentioned Volcan the roman god of the forge. How can we possibly ignore the god that supplies the weapons for every one else?

by the by, props to loki :D


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I'll go for Ares, spends all his days fighting, killing and maiming and still gets to have an affair with Aphrodite, goddess of beauty. lucky man


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Athena Goddess of wisdom born full grown from the head of her father Zeus. Master cobbler who fashioned the winged shoes of Hermes the messenger among other things.


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I'm going to go with Fenrir, the wolf that cannot be bound, who devours Odin during Ragnarok. (Fenrir is also known as Fenris or Fenrisulfr)
myth isn't fiction.


but I could not resist writing this.

So, Mr. OP. it seems for you "mythology" is about things that are fictional or non-existant.

I very very strongly disgree to your basics (and therefore protesting to such views hereby). To me mythology is about "myth"s which are stories passed down innumerable generations about things whose truth cannot be established through modern "scientific" means (meaning they are unknown/unseen to modern science), but which at the same time are so popularly known and believed that they cannot be dismissed as completely false either.

My favourite Thesaurus seems to think "myth" = A traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world*view of a people.

And in my personal opinion, every word of mythology coming from ANY culture or people across the globe, conveys truth in some form or the other; sometimes verbatim, sometimes figurative. "Truth", that our modern science (something the average human of today are so proud about) is far too immature to see or establish. But definitely, things that very much ARE a part of our reality and affects and determines our courses through the journey of our selves from a bacteria to a fully enlightened beings to a GREAT extent.

Or do you still not agree?


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Ithink Adamastor is awesome. A the greek giant became known among sailors and was imortalized in Lusiadas where he stood at the end of the African continent destroying ships, saw the future and turned into tears (the most ugly and montrous gian, go figure it :D) after a beautifull maiden sent by Venus crushes his heart.