Myths vs. religion


Does anyone else view Bible stories as myths? I don't want to offend anyone here but I think 200 years from now they will be given the same respect as Greek/Roman myths are now.
The flooding and Noah's Ark is just as mythological as the world being shaped from the flesh of Ymir. People believe in God, and there are still people who worship Odin. Christianty is a myth, and a religion. The Norns worshiped there Gods and Goddess's just as Christians worship theirs, just in different ways depending on their resources and cultural perspectives. Its thought that Moses(not such if its spelt correctly) wrote the Old Testment for the bible, as aomeone wrote the myths for the vikings, the celts etc. Mythology is just as relevent as Religion is, its the same stories, told in different words. In my opinion, of course.


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Jerri, I feel the same way. I get a lot of flack when I say that the Bible is no more non-fiction than any other God or Goddess story.


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I once sat down and read the entire Bible. It took about a year.When I was asked what struck me as different between the Bible and other myths and legends from around the world, my answer was: humor.
I find so much wonder, humor, levity as well as tragedy in the world myths.
The Bible is all gravitas! It just takes itself too seriously.
So much of the Old Testament I found consisted of Jews walking on eggshells because the god they worshipped had
such a jealous streak that he would wreak havoc on them for the slightest infraction.
The only part I found that actually made me smile was when Elijah challenged the priests of Baal to a contest.
When Baal did not appear to receive the offering, Elijah taunted the preists by asking if Baal went to relieve himself.
Yahweh accepted Elijah's offering with a column of fire that consumed the sacrificed animals.
After this scene the grimness of this book returns in full force.
Instead of allowing the priests of Baal a chance to accept Yahweh, they are all beheaded.
They died because they worshipped the wrong god, something that the world is still fighting over.